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Just finishing his Beijing concert, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday attended an eye wear store opening. About a pole breaking off high above the stage during the concert, he was very scared and thanked the team for using a day without rest to repair it. He also thanked the audience for its enthusiastic support, understanding and tolerance. He said online that the performance was very unforgettable. He also thanked Zhang Ziyi for returning to see his concert and giving his flowers, which made him very happy.

Kwok Fu Sing and Zhang Ziyi starred in the film LOVE FOR LIFE (JUI OI), which will open June 16. Playing a couple with AIDS, their acting was challenged fully. Due to AIDS lowering immunity, Sing Sing's character often suffered from illness. He said, "In order to express pain, I twisted up my facial muscles and had to scream with all my might. I scared the team stiff." In one scene he had another fever, Zhang Ziyi kept going to the well to get water to cool his temperature down but to no avail. She then stripped down to her underwear, dove into the bathtub to chill her body then held him to cool him down. Zhang Ziyi during the shoot did not hesitate at all, but later she revealed that a female viewer wanted to intimate her. The viewer thought holding a feverish husband romantic, but her husband said that if his wife was Zhang Ziyi, Sing Sing definitely would have been crushed to death. Zhang Ziyi did not know whether to laugh or cry.

As for his performance, Sing Sing described that a different Kwok Fu Sing could be seen. Yet he would not grade his own performance. Would he try comedy? He honestly said that he would like to and hoped to have the chance. He even hoped to be able to work with directors like Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang in the future. After returning to Hong Kong, he will work on a new film, in which he will play a couple with Rene Liu (Lau Yeuk Ying).

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