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The fresh out of the oven "Paeksang Best Actress" Tang Wei again sacrificed her looks. In WU XIA she was willing to give up her beauty to play a "sot faced" village woman and even played a mother of two for the first time; this new Mommy completely relied on "hubby" Donnie Yen Chi Tan's sideline guidance and magic tricks for Tang Wei and the child actors to interpret the mother and children relationships in and out of the film.

While shooting in Tengchong, Yunnan, Tang Wei often paid attention to the local women's looks and movements. She understood that in order to achieve the soul of a village woman she first had to get a tan. Thus she utilized Tengchong's blazing sunlight to "complete the mission'. Yet Tang Wei was quite demanding. She discovered that people who lived on the farm often had dirty fingernails, so everyday before the shoot she would stick her hands into the dirt.

Looking the part fully, Tang Wei also worked hard on being a mother. Her on screen husband and a good father on his own right Yen Chi Tan obviously became the best "guide post". Tang Wei before the performance constantly asked Chi Tan for advice, so Chi Tan shared his parenthood tips with her. Playing a mother this time, Tang Wei understood that the rule that actors could not "out act" children. Tang Wei said, "Children's words and behavior often change, behind the change are some smarts, some innocence. No professional actor would be able to expect how they act. They would definitely lose to their innocence!"

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