Monday, May 23, 2011


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FOUNDING OF A PARTY gathered 200 stars. Other than the master male stars, many female stars also participated. They included Fan Bingbing and AngelaBaby. Fan Bingbing in the film played Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu's Empress Dowager Longyu. In the film Fan Bingbing's look was filled of dominance, even as Yuan Shikai Chow Yun Fat had to kneel in front of her. Bingbing pointed out that this was the first time she played a powerful figure in a film, thus before the shoot she worried that she could not handle it. Luckily, after the make up artist applied make up, the result was very satisfactory. Even the crew said that her look was full of classic flavor and pleasant surprise.

Baby in the film was lucky enough to play Xiao Fengxian and had many scenes with the Andy Lau Tak Wa played Cai E. Baby said that as a film industry new comer, at first when the director asked her to perform in FOUNDING OF A PARTY she was already flattered. She herself admired Lau Tak Wa a lot, she could never imagine that she would have a chance to act with him. She was both nervous and excited. Lau Tak Wa praised this co-star and said, "In one farewell scene at the train station, we needed to express a reluctant to part feeling. When the director yelled 'action', she immediately got into her character and broke down in tears. I was very touched in the scene." Zhou Xun in the film played Wang Huiwu. She wore a big pair of glasses and looked very old fashioned. After the costume fitting she actually liked this look and thought it was very cute; in addition, Dong Jie, Bai Bing, Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen) and others took part in the film.

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