Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan recently went to Cannes with his wife Cissy Wang to promote his new film WU XIA. He also took the chance to promote his other film THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG). In order to do so he sacrificed his lunch time and ran to the film's Cannes exhibit to meet the media, with his action he demonstrated his support and concern for this 2012 special effect action film.

Chi Tan stood in front of the William Chan Suk Ping designed poster that was made specifically for Cannes and said that he looked forward very much to this film. He also admired boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung for his vision and ambition as he invested heavily on this 3D Chinese film with a super strong cast. Chi Tan said, "Although the production was very tough, everyday I had to spend four hours in Sun Wukong special effect make up. I felt very tired but it was worth the effort."

Chi Tan was the box office miracle. Buyer response was very enthusiastic about his film in Cannes and made high price offers. Many U.S. film companies have expressed interest in the film and bought the U.S. rights; some companies even claimed interest in investing in THE MONKEY KING sequel. Chi Tan said, "I once asked Mr. Wong Hoi Fung not to ask me to play Sun Wukong again because the special effect make up was too tough. Actually I was just joking. The film already had sequel suggestions before it was completed. Of course I was very happy, let's what the boss thinks." Chi Tan said that he would definitely take his children to THE MONKEY KING premiere next year. Because this film was adapted from the JOURNEY TO THE WEST story, it was very suitable for the entire family. This would also be the first time he would bring his children to his own film premiere.

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