Sunday, May 15, 2011


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Li Bingbing yesterday left to promote the film SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN in Cannes. While Li Bingbing spoke with reporters at the Beijing airport. Many travelers surrounded her to ask for autographs and photos and took Li Bingbing 20 minutes to get 100 meters. Li Bingbing did not appear on the opening ceremony red carpet reportedly in order to avoid Fan Bingbing's thunder. Li Bingbing's manager explained that this year the film festival sponsors invited their spokespeople Gong Li, Li Bingbing and Fan Bingbing to walk the red carpet. Even Zhang Ziyi whose contract already ended was invited. However because producer Wendi Deng Murdoch would hope the SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN team to be able to appear as a group, thus Li Bingbing, Gianna Jun Ji-Hyun and MGM boss would arrived Sunday morning. Zhang Ziyi declined because she needed to promote her new film LOVE FOR LIFE (JUI OI) on a ten city national tour.

Fan Bingbing's "magic crane dress" stole the show at the opening ceremony, Li Bingbing thought it was good. They both were Chinese and brought gory to Chinese film, they did not need to compare with each other as each person had her own style. In recent years the outside cared more about female star's fashion on the red carpet than the movies. Li Bingbing said that anyone would want to show the world her most beautiful side. Red carpet beauty contest was important, but all the preparation was made for even more international friends to see Chinese films. She also hoped that even more Chinese actors would reach the great world stage. Li Bingbing at the Cannes Film Festival will attend the SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN party red party and China Night.

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