Friday, May 13, 2011


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Shu Qi in A BEAUTIFUL LIFE not only cried the most in her film career but also drank the most. In the first scene at the karaoke she had to keep drinking, accidentally entered the male bathroom and vomited on the back of Liu Ye who was relieving himself.

To Shu Qi, she was able to handle the drunk scene. However when she had to jump on Liu Ye's back she almost lost her life. Because Liu Ye was tall, jumping onto Liu Ye's back was already somewhat difficult. After the jump she had to fall onto the concrete ground, which made the scene even more difficult. In another scene Liu Ye took Shu Qi home and Shu Qi forced a kiss on Liu Ye. Shu Qi joked that she felt like a mad woman as she grabbed Liu Ye to kiss, but Liu Ye kept pushing her away hard. Because Liu Ye had to appear to be a gentleman, Liu Ye had to look unwilling. Liu Ye said, "This was contrary to what I was thinking. I would push away a pretty woman like Shu Qi? The director is treating me too well?"

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