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Sammo Hung Kam Bo and Andy Lau Tak Wa yesterday attended the film THE BODYGUARD (DUT GUNG YEH YEH)'s charity kung fu day in Mongkok. They practiced kung fu wiht one hundred children. Wa Jai personally commanded and led the children to salute "Big Brother" Hung Kam Bo. The event presented "Outstanding Filmmaker Golden Film Award" to Hung Kam Bo for his contributions to and achievements in film. The event also donated HK$ 100,000 to the Sammo Hung charity fund to help people in need to improve their lives.

The event played the Wa Jai performed film theme song FORGIVE ME (YUEN LEUNG NGOR). Directing a film again after 17 years, Hung Kam Bo joked that it was because no one would hire him. This time he did it because Wa Jai asked him and the script was very attractive. It was very different from his past film that was mainly comedic entertainment. Speaking of the production, he said that he spent everyday with the actors. He will slowly save that in the future, as nothing made him happier than being together with everyone. If this film will be a hit then he will be even happier as he will share the fruits with everyone.

The film invited veteran filmmakers like Karl Maka and Shek Tin to perform. Producer Wa Jai said that his first film in the business was Cinema City's. At the time he met Maka but at the time he did not have time to get to know him. This film was like visiting his film journey again as he got to know every generation of filmmakers again. Did Hung Kam Bo personally invite Maka and Shek Tin? He said, "Yes, Maka and Shek Tin no longer make movies. This time I called him to ask them to be 'extras'. They agreed right away. I really have to thank them. If they don't help, they aren't friends." Wa Jai joked, "You don't have to thank me, I charge money."

Hung Kam Bo also said that this time the most challenging was the bed scene. He joked, "I have looked forward to it for many years, finally I have one but it was with myself. In the story I got up at 6AM." Aside from directing and starring, Hung Kam Bo was performed another version of the film theme song. He joked, "Becoming a singer at old age, let's not talking about it. I am afraid that I would become a music star too."

Contributing a lot to the film industry, he received an "Outstanding Filmmaker Golden Film Award". He said, "Of course I am happy, thank you viewers for your support. I will keep going. I hope viewers will continue to support me, from now on I will keep directing."

Later Hung Kam Bo and Wa Jai spoke to the media together. Hung Kam Bo said that the story came first in THE BODYGUARD. In the film he had a grandfather grandchild relationship. Since he lost his granddaughter he treated Wa Jai's daughter like his granddaughter as atonement. Before the shoot did he practice with his grandsons? He said, "I don't need to because it's two different reactions. I am very happy with my grandson. (Do you feel your grandsons have a knack for acting?) I don't know if they have the knack, they are still little. (Do you want to work with all three generations on a movie?) That would depend on the opportunity. I don't know if they would like it. I don't want to though. I want them to go to school. If they kick me it would be brutal for me."

Was he confident about the box office? He admitted that the more the better, but he would not be too worried about it. He would be happy with a good audience reaction. If the reaction would be bad then he would question himself. Wa Jai revealed that he had no fight scene in the film. His character was a normal man who did not know to take care of the family or care about his daughter. He said that it was very hard to play. was he afraid that he could not relate to the character? He admitted, "I couldn't get into it, it's very hard. (Expressing the pain of men?) In the film I have no wife, she abandoned me long ago. It's different from real life, so I don't need to worry."

Earlier TVB gold label producer Lee Tim Sing held a retirement banquet. Wa Jai was the surprise guest. Wa Jai stated that he was not invited. "I went on my own when I found out about it. My seat was still designated for (Johnnie) To Kei Fung." Wa Jai also said that he will ask Brother Tim to perform in the future.

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