Wednesday, March 16, 2016


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Pakho Chau and Clara Lee receive  Asian Film Award Rising Stars
Korean girl group Apink
Soler's Dino and his family of four
Cherry Ngan
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The Asian Film Award Academy and high class American jewelry label Hearts On Fire organized the 10th Asian Film Awards welcome party at the Conrad Hotel in Macau. The event presented AFA Rising Stars to Pakho Chau and Korean star Clara Lee for their outstanding performance in their Asian film careers.

Clara thanked the fans for their support and thanked her team and people who have helped her. She will continue to do her best with every role. Pakho Chau thanked the event for giving him the award. "This is my first acting award. Today I am very happy and very touched because this is a recognition of all the hard work since I started. It also represents everyone's recognition of my acting. In the past, I have always worked very hard, I would remind and alert myself all the time to keep learning, examining, improving. Because opportunities are only for those who are prepared, I would grasp every character and do my best in every scene. I also hope that I can be a role model for young people, bring the society even more positive energy, live happily together with everyone so life can be even more exciting."

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