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Chapman to keeps his eyes to himself when next to the sexy Tarah Chan
Philip Keung, Chapman To, Anthony Wong, Gregory Wong
Deep Ng, Carlos Chan, Kathy Yuen, Ken Hung
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Chapman To Man Chak, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Tarah Chan Yi Lan, Philip Keung Ho Man and others two nights ago attended the film THE MOBFATHERS (SUEN LO DANG) premiere.

Chan Yi Lan and To Man Chak in the film had many passionate scenes. The next time they will work together will they go further? Ah Jat said, "This type of scenes is very normal. For a domestic film, we make whatever the audience loves. No inspection is the most convenient, at most is changing a film title. When someone doesn't even have the freedom to think, what creativity can he speak of? Working with her again on another movie? This type of tag along relationship would be insulting to her!"

Chan Yi Lan said that she did not feel that and obviously wanted to work again. Ah Jat said that he could not take those "whatever lady". He felt that if Chan Yi Lan has talent, working together would be her helping him out and not the other way around. Ah Jat joked that the film was not a 800 million to a 1 billion big production. He would already laugh since he got a job. His wife Kristal Tin Yui Nei lost her mother earlier. He was fortunately that his wife was busy at work. Otherwise everyday she would wake up and cry.

Wong Chau Sun recalled years ago he and Chan Yi Lan attended a French drama master's lesson. He praised her as the "tall Gillian Chung Yun Tung" and her acting was good. He said that this time he would only guest star and did not have a lot of scene time. He could not set off spark with Ah To, but he praised him as a producer he was very polite.

Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi), Gregory Wong Chung Hiu and others two nights ago attended THE MOBFATHERS (SUEN LO DANG) premiere. Hung Chek Lap in the film had a bath scene in which he pleasured wong Chung Hiu with his hand. Tong Yi said, "I really want to see it, I want to learn." Hung Cheuk Lap went "wow" and said that his girlfriend probably had no idea. Tong Yi responded awkwardly, "I haven't seen it, I just want to see it!" Hung Cheuk Lap recalled that the scene took only three takes. The shoot was not awkward, but because he was afraid that he would look fat he did not dare to watch the playback. He said, "If I had to kiss Wong Chung Hiu, it would be more awkward than this performance. Being able to do that for a god, it truly is rare!" Tong Yi also wanted to play a lesbian and would have no problem with kissing her co-star. She said, "I want to try that feeling. Guys have scratchy facial hair. I want to kiss Shu Qi the most. Her lips are very sexy." Wong Chung Hiu looked forward to watching this scene and praised Hung Cheuk Lap as the meaty and clean guy type that has a market and is able to attract Tony Yi.

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