Monday, March 14, 2016


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Veteran Hong Kong director Stephen Shin Kei Yin yesterday promoted his new THE LAST RACE, his return to directing after 20 years. He said that over a decade ago he already came up with the idea for the film. Because the film was based on Olympic gold medalist Eric Liddell who returned to China and dedicated his life to education. Thus he spent years to prepare, interview Liddell's descendants and collect information. The film finally started production in January last year and was shot on location in the U.S., Canada and other places.

Joseph Fiennes is the star of the film. Director Shin praised him for his seriousness and professionalism, very focused during the production. "Because the character couldn't drink, during the shoot he didn't touch a drop. Even when a liquor company wanted to sponsor us, he declined and stated that he did not want any alcohol to appear in the film."

As for how difficult the shoot was, he said of course there were numerous. The most frequently seen was shooting winter scenes in the summer.

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