Tuesday, March 22, 2016


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Richie Jen, Sophie Marceau, Gordon Lam
Louis Koo says that he saves money by going to morning matinees
TRIVISA producer Johnnie To
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Richie Jen almost loses all of his savings to hackers
Sophie Marceau makes a rare appearance at the Hong Kong International Film Festival
Chen Kun and Bai Baike appear together but the rain keeps them off the red carpet
Qin Hao
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The 40th Hong Kong International Film Festival last night opened at the Cultural Center. Films CHOGQING HOT POT and TRIVISA (SHU DAI CHIU FUNG) opened the event. The film's stars Bai Baike, Chen Kun, Qin Hao and Gordon Lam Ka Tung attended. When guest Sophie Marceau appeared, she became the target of everyone's camera. Due to rain, the event was moved indoors at the last minute and the guests were unable to walk the red carpet.

Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) yesterday revealed that earlier he became a target for criminals as they hacked into the computer that he and his wife Tina shared and almost stole his "entire life saving". Siu Chai said, "They hacked the computer, used Tina's email to send a letter to the bank and said that we were very busy but needed money. They asked the bank to send money as soon as possible to an account. The bank was suspicious and called Tina, who immediately looked for me. After learning that I was fine she immediately told the bank not to send the money. Because my wife and I aren't great with computers, at first we didn't know what happened. At the time I was working in the Mainland, I could only handle the matter remotely. After I returned to Hong Kong I immediately asked my management company's colleagues for help. Finally I discovered that hackers have hacked into our computer and even changed our passwords. After that we immediately called the police!"

Due to the severity of the matter, Siu Chai yesterday morning through a lawyer notified all his banks and asked them to put his accounts on high alert and to decline any withdrawal that Siu Chai did not request personally. How much did the criminals asked to transfer? Siu Chai said that almost his entire life saving. "If I say a lot you wouldn't believe it, if I say a little it would be embarrassment. I don't want to say the actual amount. (Do you know if you suffer any other losses?) Because the computer had a lot of stuff like some online shopping accounts for now I don't know if I have suffered any other losses."

Because Siu Chai's computer even had their personal identification documents and personal information of their child, they were concerned that the criminals would do anything further and hoped that they would stop as soon as possible. Siu Chai also took his lawyer's advice and explained the matter once to avoid any other problem.

In addition, HOT's director Yang Qing yesterday held Bai Baike and others to meet the media. "Box office Queen" Bai Baike was asked whether the film would have any box office pressure. "I have already forgotten about numbers. Since everyone is talking about the director, which proves that this is a film that is worth watching. To be able to work with this post 80s director, I am very happy to have made this film." Chen Kun also said that the production was rather pleasant. The leads even performed the Grasshoppers' hit HEARTBREAK FRONTLINE ALLIANCE.

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