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Flowers can also be found outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
After 13 years fans still miss Leslie Cheung

The classic team of Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui and Maggie Cheung in the 1984 film BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE made over 10 million in 6 days in its China debut
G.E.M. performs a Leslie Cheung song
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Gor fans send flowers to express their feeling
Guangzhou fan sends a rose arrangement in the shape of  the words Gor Gor
Avenue of the Stars
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April 1 was the 13th anniversary of superstar Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's death. Every year "Gor" fans would hold memorial events to remember their idol. The Avenue of the Stars yesterday continued to hold Gor Gor photo exhibits and displayed his stage presence and movie stills. Many Gor fans sent floral arrangements and attracted visitors.

A female fan from Xiamen said that she came to participate in the Gor Gor memorial events for the first time in Hong Kong. She said that she has liked Gor Gor for 11 years. After he passed she began to like him. "The farm village didn't have great communication before, I only started to pay attention when he passed away. My favorite was FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE." She also said that Gor Gor was her goal. A post 80 Hong Kong fan Jason stayed at the exhibit for a hour. He remembered when his idol passed away. "That day was April Fool's Day. At the time ICQ was spreading the news of Gor Gor's passing like mad. At first I thought it was a prank." He said that Gor Gor's songs were his favorite.

Outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Central many "Gor" fans around the world sent floral arrangement. Guangzhou "Gor" fan sent two heart shaped red rose arrangement with the word "Gor". Tomorrow night a memorial concert will take place and Leo Ku Kui Ke will perform.

Younger singers remembered Gor Gor's glory. G.E.M. saluted him with a performance of his song SOMEONE WITH HEART. When the video began the screen said, "Thank you for the foot prints you left on our journey." Although she posted the video a week ago, some online still questioned whether she was taking advantage of the situation. The video already had over 150,000 hits. Taiwan singer Winnie Hsin (Sun Hiu Kei) yesterday morning posted her "duet" of LOVING EMBRACE at the Gor Gor memorial concert to express how much she missed him. In addition, the Mainland also had different memorial events. In Shanghai a video art exhibit was held; a Mainland site also successfully "brought back the original sound" of Gor Gor, using technology for him to converse with "Gor" fans. Gor Gor, Anita Mui Yim Fong and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk's classic romance BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE (YUEN FUN) was also released for the first time in China, which Gor fans looked forward to very much.

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