Thursday, March 17, 2016


Hank Yip feels communication technology instead makes people more distant
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Malaysian singer Hank Yip Chun Hung earlier worked on his first film in Hong Kong. Because he spoke with other actors in Cantonese throughout, he despite speaking fluent Cantonese admitted that grasping the speech speed was hard. "This is the first time I made a movie in Hong Kong. Although normally I have worked in Malaysia normally, this time I had to speak Cantonese all throughout. The hardest part was to speak smoothly and quickly. I practiced for a very long time!"

His film brought out the effects and damages of online bully. Has Hank been a victim of it? He stated, "I have always thought that I don't belong in the online world. Communication technology instead made people even distance. Now things that go viral online tend to be negative, then everyone chime in. The person involved would be affected no matter what, the entire atmosphere is bad!"

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