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This year's Udine Film Festival yesterday announced that Hong Kong director, action director and actor Sammo Hung Kam Bo will receive its Lifetime Achievement Golden Mulberry Award. The event even arranged for the Big Brother Big Hung Kam Bo directed and starred film THE BODYGUARD (DUT GUNG YEH YEH) to premiere in Europe on its April 30th closing ceremony and to present the award to him.

Before the film release, Big Brother Big received the good news from Udine Film Festival and felt extra excited. He also said that he was fortunate for his return to directing 17 years later to be able to break out of Asia and for even more people to enjoy.

Although Big Brother Big was 64, he never talked about retirement. He still liked to direct. His endless energy was the best proof. Big Brother Big said, "Don't be afraid of people calling you old! Getting old is a part of life. From the day someone is born, from baby to growing up, everyday he is growing old. I am old, but I live happily; unless you have no chance to be old, then you can't grow old! Learning until you are old, living until you are old, these are parts of the life journey that I long for and enjoy the most."

Hung Kam Bo was the Asian artist to be invited to the film festival and receive the Golden Mulberry Lifetime Achievement Award after Joe Hisaishi and Jackie Chan last year. His continuous mix of wuxia and kung fu in film, his creativity on the film screen are worth everyone's salute to his hard work and effort.

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