Sunday, March 20, 2016


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Donnie Yen says that he picked the right wife
May Ng Yuen Fong attends as her husband Wilson Woo owns one of the horses
Chris Yen keeps up with her training to be ready at any time
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Donnie Yen admits having a bad sense of direction and calls his wife Cissy Wang the "human GPS"
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The famous car company BMW Hong Kong sponsored BMW Hong Kong Derby yesterday took place at the Sha Tin Racing Course. Donnie Yen Chi Tan was the Derby ambassador for the 4th time in a row. He attended with his wife Cissy Wang and sister Chris Yen Chi Ching.

IP MAN 3's Mainland box office was under the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television's investigation for "number fixing" and box office self purchase. Lead actor Chi Tan also noticed. He admitted that the film company its Mainland distribution rights and regrettably it was beyond an actor's control. He said that the IP MAN 3 performed well and broke many records. This scandal was unfair to the film, as he agreed that every film should follow a fair standard. He continued, "Box office is the index of a film's success, but every film's achievement needs to pass the test of time. Once it was suggested for the Mainland to simultaneously release the film with Hong Kong and other places at the end of last year and work according to the rules as usual, but the Mainland did not release the film until three months later. As an actor my responsibility is doing his best, I am not familiar with distribution and I can't control and supervise it." Chi Tan hoped to ask Raymond Wong Pak Ming or the boss to properly communicate and follow up with the Mainland film company.

His on screen wife Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) was rumored to wed soon. Chi Tan has already congratulated her and wished her well. Having witnessed how sweet and happy Lynn was when her boyfriend Kwok Ho Chun personally picked her up at the airport, he praised her for finally finding the real "Ip Man" of her heart.

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