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Nicholas Tse's cookies are popular with everyone
The film will shoot on location in a Prague castle
Ge You
Xiqiaoshan National Arts Studio
Ploskovice, Prague
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Emperor Motion Pictures will invest HK$ 300 million on its first 4D film COOK UP A STORM (FUNG MEI GONG WU ji KUET JIN SIK SUN), in which Nicholas Tse Ting Fung will transform into a "Guangdong Cooking God" with Mainland Best Actor Ge You and Korean hunk Jung Yong-Hwa. Ting Fung even willingly gave up money making opportunities and turned down all performance opportunities for three months to concentrate on the film, losing over HK$ 100 million yuan RMB!

The 4D film will be the first to bring together food, action, warmth and comedy into one. As Mainland cinemas began to add 4D equipment, Emperor developed 4D films according to the market for the audience to enjoy the film with sight, sound and smell. The film has already been conceived for two years, with a year of preparation this year it finally got the green light. The film will start production next month and will be released next Lunar New Year. The lead actress will be Mainland actresses Tiffany Tang Yan and Michelle Bai Bing. Ting Fung will be paired with Tang Yan, but they will not be a couple as she will have a crush on him. Jung Yong-Hwa will be paired with Bai Bing.

Losing his father earlier, Ge You has not made a movie in a long time. Reportedly he was willing to make a "comeback" for this film because years ago when Emperor made LET THE BULLETS FLY he had a connection with boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing. This time Mr. Yeung personally convinced him. However his character will have to be kept confidential for now. Playing a "Michelin French chef" Jung Yong-Hwa had to take four days out of the week from his concert tour to make the film and two days to tour. He will spend a lot of time in the air!

Emperor also will invest tens of millions RMB to build a food street in Master Checkley Sin Kwok Lam's Mainland studio, with a street stall and a Michelin restaurant. In addition, the film crew will even shoot on location in Prague and rent a castle for a three month long shoot.

Producer Mani Fok Man Hei said that Ting Fung very much looked forward to work with Best Actor Ge You. For a perfect performance Ting Fung already turned down all jobs for three months and lost 100 million yuan RMB. She said, "Ting Fung has always been very demanding with his films, he would rather make less in order to make the best movie!"

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