Thursday, March 24, 2016


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Sammo Hung, Jacqueline Chan and Andy Lau promote THE BODYGUARD in Guangzhou
Kumamon visits Andy Lau's fan club and Andy brings his "children" Blacky and Andox to dance with him

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The Andy Lau Tak Wa design figures Andox and Blacky and the Japanese Kumamoto prefecture mascot Kumamon will work together on a tee short. Earlier Kumamon appeared at the Andy Lau fan club address and danced with Andox and Blacky.

Wa Jai suddenly appeared and taught Kumamon the SNEAKING OUT ALONE choreography. Wa Jai also under Kumamon's guidance danced a part of the Kumamon Surprise choreography. Kumamon saw Wa Jai and turned into a little fan as he asked for autographs and photos. He also presented farm goods as gifts. Wa Jai returnred the favor with an autographed calendar. Kumamon happily gave a bow in appreciation.

Other than this meeting, Andox and Blacky on the 26th and the 27th will attend the Yata X Kumamoto Prefecture "Kumamon Fans Appreciation Festival" and their joint tee shirts will accept advanced orders during the event. The proceeds will be donated to Children Charity Foundation to provide educational assistance to children of Hong Kong's low income families.

Wa Jai two days ago with Sammo Hung Kam Bo and child actor Jacqueline Chan Pui Yin attended their film THE BODYGUARD (DUT GUNG YEH YEH)'s Guangzhou press conference. "The three generations" shared warm family joy. Chan Pui Yin after FIRESTORM (FUNG BO) played Wa Jai's daughter again. Chan Pui Yin said that Wa Jai personally treated her very well and would make desserts for her. When Wa Jai was said to be overfilled with fatherly love, he bashfully smiled.

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