Friday, March 25, 2016


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Comedy star of a generation David Lo Tai Wai earlier passed away. "Creative TV" two days ago rented out the Sunbeam Theater to play two of David Lo's final films THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN (JUI NGAI HIM YUN MUK) and A DREAM TEAM (FAN SUN KEI BING). His widow also attended. Mrs. Lo sadly said, "Everyone can see the stuff on the silver screen, but when he made this film behind the scenes he had a very tough time." She was busy with preparing her late husband's burial goods and also planned to donate his items to those in need. She got choked up when she said, "I really want to finish up soon, but when I was packing I really was reluctant to part with them. It's like I am throwing him out of the house. Mr. Lo was a very simple person, he had no jewelry or gold. Everything was useful in everyday life."

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