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Wa Jai admits to being thin skinned so he has never thought of inviting industry friends to make a movie
Sammo Hung and Andy Lau have a pleasant collaboration in the new film
Tsui Hark, Sammo Hung, Karl Maka, Dean Shek
Andy Lau has very few stunts in the new film
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Sammo Hung Kam Bo since 1997's MR. NICE GUY (YUT GOR HO YUN) returns to directing 17 years later as he stars in his new film THE BODYGUARD (DUT GUNG YEH YEH). Gold label producer Bill Kong Chi Keung and Andy Lau Tak Wa as its producers. Not only Big Brother Big and Wa Jai performed, but also Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu and the "Cinema City Iron Triangle" Dean Shek Tin, Karl Maka and Tsui Hark. Big Brother Big admitted that he returned to directing again because the script moved him. The character in the film was not too complicated as he was confident to be able to handle it. In addition he had a group of friends as guest stars, it was a very happy event.

Producer Wa Jai was asked if it was very hard to get Big Brother Big to direct again. Claiming to be only a little boss, Wa Jai said, "Big boss Kong Chi Keung already had his idea. Big Brother Big after reading the script was probably tempted and interested in the script, but it would be the best for him to star as well. That would only happen if he could be moved. With two jobs on his hand he had a lot to take care of. Truly directing differed from action directing. The director had to babysit me, the action director only had to give me the order. During the process Big Brother Big very quickly got into the story and helped with the budget control. Thus this producer job was very easy for me."

This time Big Brother Big invited many veteran filmmakers like the "Cinema City Iron Triangle" Karl Maka, Dean Shek Tin and Tsui Hark and the Seven Little Fortunes to guest star. Did he call in all the favors? Big Brother Big said, "Not yet, I still have some." Wa Jai said that most people who came to perform thought that they did not have enough screen time, so next time they could call in more favors. Big Brother Big jokes that next time he would have to give them something sweet, as he could not just keep calling in favors.

Wa Jai was asked if he would make a movie and call in favors? Wa Jai did not dare. "I am very thin skinned, and I haven't treated people well. Big Brother Big personally cultivated many people and has toiled in the film industry with everyone. Their relationships could be described as long time friendships. I don't dare. Instead for a concert I would dare to invite the Four Great Heavenly Kings. For a film I really don't have the guts." In the film Big Brother Big played an old special agent. Wa Jai in order to convince everyone that Big Brother Big was a Zhongnanhai special agent used old footage and the latest computer special effects for Big Brother Big to appear in them.

The film had its share of action scenes, which one was the most difficult? The action director of many films, Big Brother Big directly said that they were not difficult for them at all. "The difficulty was when I started to conceive the entire stunt, the entire atmosphere; after I thought it through then the shoot would have no difficulty at all. (Why not arranged for stunts for Wa Jai?) It wasn't deliberate, I only followed the characters in the script." Big Brother Big has made many action films, did he prefer action or drama? He joked, "My favorite is romance, hugs and kisses then you get paid. It's pretty good." He remembered years ago when he worked with Tian Niu on a television series. On the first day he had her in his arms for the shoot and he already felt very unnatural. Rich with romantic film experience, Wa Jai joked, "Leave it to me."

Speaking of intimate scenes, Wa Jai remembered a joke from when his film EVERLASTING LOVE was released after he made RETURN OF THE CONDOR HEROES. "At the time the paper's headline was 'Even Big Hero Makes Love', what a big deal it was. Directors wouldn't force them too before. Everyone wore jeans to the shoot to keep the other from feeling it."

This time he was able to get the Seven Little Fortunes to guest star. Has Big Brother Big not seen them for awhile? He pointed out that every month or two they would meet. "Everyone's mobile phone have group text contact, but it wasn't group sale. The first time when I texted no one dared to pay me any mind. The second time I asked them are you kidding, actually they thought I was an impostor. After joining in we constantly got together. We had dinner during the Lunar New Year, birthdays, when the brothers return to Hong Kong we meet too. However for a film production it's rarer."

As the big brother of the Seven Little Fortune, Big Brother Big remembered the 50th anniversary 7 years ago. Soon they will reach the 60th anniversary. He said, "Last month everyone reminded that we will reach 60 years in 3 years, could we have a dinner. I said no, playing sick would be better because each time a lot of people had to be involved. It would be the best to wait for the next 50 years." Wa Jai joked, "Then there wouldn't be so many people." Big Brother Big lamented, "That night I watched until my eyes were rolling because since childhood everyone started to roll around on the stage. Suddenly I saw everyone was already sixty something. Many of the women have already become grannies and grandmas, but they commemorated the school spirit. I was very appreciative and moved. If we have another dinner, then we definitely have to talk and sing, do what we did in our Seven Little Fortunes. (Would you find younger versions?) We have to find our disciples first. Even if we found younger versions, they would be meaningless because they would have no historical background."

Over the years Big Brother Big never accepted any disciple because he felt that if he did he would be responsible to teach them. He would like the most to be like Master Yu Jim Yuen, taught several children with achievements and could represent the previous generation. Has anyone asked him to be their master? He joked, "Maybe they are afraid that it would cost too much."

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