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Lee Hong-Chi
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Top world champagne brand Moet & Chandon was the official champagne of the 10th Asian Film Award. Aside from providing the beverage the company also designed an elegant party for Asian film colleagues to have a place to gather and interact. At the same time they could have a little champagne to temporarily relieve the tension before the awards, echoing the brand's all new concept of celebrating the present #OPENTHENOW to create #MoetMoment that belonged to the Asian film colleagues and opened the award show brilliantly.

Best Newcomer nominee Mainland star Jessie Li (Chun Xia), and Moet Rising Star Chun Woo Hee after the red carpet were invited to sign autographs on a glittering 3 liter special champagne bottle. Chun Xia said that she really liked champagne. "Because girls like the sweeter taste, in addition the life pressure is enormous, drinking a little can help me relax and relieve the stress. (How do you relieve stress?) I sing, read, watch movies." She said that she was not confident about the Best Newcomer competition. "Because everyone is very strong, I feel that at my age winning this award may not be a good thing. I am afraid that I would be proud. I need even more and greater honing, this way I would cherish it even more."

Chun Woo Hee revealed that when she attended parties with friends she would celebrate with champagne. Sometimes though she could get drunk easily. Because alcohol and music with happy moments with friends would make people more hyper. She continued that her happiest moment was when she was making movies.

Winkie Lai Mei Yin and Cindy Wong Sin Ting dressed up. Lai Mei Yin revealed that she drank. "Especially when I am having dinner with friends. Drinking and eat are really well paired, like red meat and red wine, seafood and white wine. I know a little about that, and my tolerance is pretty good. I haven't been drunk yet." Wong Sin Ting also said that her tolerance was decent. "I really enjoy the drinking process, especially when I am drinking with friends I am even happier. I really like champagne, because the moment the champagne 'popped' was great."

Director Raman Hui Sing Ngai and actor Lee Hong-Chi after the red carpet appeared at the champagne party. Hui Sing Ngai said that he had a little to drink, but he would only drink at events. "I like champagne, kind of sweet, but now after having a little I am a little hyper. I get drunk pretty easily. (Would any funny situation appear when you are drunk?) It's very extreme, either I talk nonstop or I sleep. However I don't puke easily." New Actor nominee Lee Hong-Chi also liked champagne because it could relax him. He said, "Before a performance or at parties I would drink a little. Before a performance it could relax me and put me in a better shape. Of course I couldn't drink too much. (Do you have a good tolerance?) It needs to be trained. I have been drunk but I wouldn't embarrass myself. I would only sleep. My previous movie had drinking scenes, I had to drink hard liquor so I was always drunk. That way I could get off work even sooner."

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