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The 3D film SWORDMASTER (SAM SIU YEH DIK GIM) yesterday held a Hong Kong International Film and Television Market press conference. In attendance were executive producer Yu Dong, director Derek Yee Tung Sing, leads Lin Gengxin, Jiang Yiyan, Jiang Mengjie and Edward Gu Caobin. They talked about their production experience. The former "Third Young Master" Yee Tung Sing even presented his sword to the new generation "Third Young Master" Lin Gengxin. Lin Gengxin took a knee and accepted it.

Using 3D to shoot a wuxia epic, Siu Bo said that both the time and the money were spent on special effects. Currently the film is still in post production in Beijing, the production cost is in hundreds of millions. He also said that this time producer Tsui Hark helped him a lot. Without him he could not have possibly finish the film. Lin Gengxin admitted that playing the Third Young Master was stressful. His previous film THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN also had action scenes, but this time had a lot of fight scenes. Everyday he practiced with the stunt coordinators, every scene had to be rehearsed for a hour before shooting, by the time the production was wrapped up he was already exhausted and no longer as energetic as before. Siu Bo praised him. "He is very obedient and tamed, in addition he is better than me. When I played Third Young Master I was 19 and too immature. He at age 26 is more suitable, he also looks manlier. He originally has a little sorrow. Now I don't even dare to watch my performance again." Speaking of Nicky Wu (Ng Kei Lung) and Liu Shishi's Bali wedding, was Lin Gengxin invited? He said that he got wedding candy and knw that they would invite their families and fewer industry insiders.

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