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Leo Ku channels Leslie Cheung with a performance of MONICA

Leslie Cheung may have passed away for years but his memorial events remain endless
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Superstar of a generation Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing has passed away for 13 years. Fans did not miss Gor Gor any less. Every year on April 1st fans around the world would remember this superstar idol in a variety of ways without fail. This April to "Gor" fans would have triple meaning, because September 12 would have been Gor Gor's 60th birthday; in addition, Gor Gor's former manager Chan Suk Fun earlier announced the official establishment of the LesFANmily fan club for "Gor" fans around the world to have an interactive exchange platform and continue to unite and gather their strength together and spread Gor Gor's spirit of pursuing the true, the kind and the beautiful. This would also be the first gathering since the LesFANmily was founded.

LesFanmily will on April 2 in Hong Kong, July 9 in Tokyo and early September in Shanghai to hold their first event in different formats. The events will only welcome LesFANmily members and invited guests. In Hong Kong, the event on April 2 at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center would invite a singer Gor Gor has praised uniquely before, Leo Ku Kui Ke.

In 1994, Ku Kui Ke just released his first song and was still new. Gor Gor in an interview with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu was asked which new comer he would pick to be a successor in music. The honorable Gor Gor immediately said that the term "successor" would be a lot of pressure on new singers. He instead changed it to a list of new comers that he thought had potential. Gor Gor immediately named "Ku Kui Ke". Gei Jai has always appreciated the honor Gor Gor for publicly naming him for his potential. He never hyad the chance to personally thank Gor Gor. He hoped that through Gor Gor's 60th birthday party this year to say to Gor Gor from afar, "Thank you!" That night Gor Gor's artist friends would also share their memories, recordings and valuable collection items.

Mrs. Chan revealed that the July 9 event will take place in Ebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo. Mrs. Chan thanked Japanese "Gor" for still having one event a month to remember Leslie and folding origami cranes together. The cranes that they sent to Hong Kong all had different yet thoughtful themes and also triggered the origami crane folding for blessing event at the 10th anniversary of Gor Gor's passing. That event also broke the Guiness World Record. Some faithful fans would come to pay their respect in Hong Kong twice a year.

Because the Mainland had many "Gor" fans and LesFANmily was registered in the Mainland in Shanghai, Mrs. Chan prepared to hold an event in September for Gor Gor's 60th birthday and for Mainland "Gor" fans to be able to get together and shared Gor Gor's work. This year the events at all three locations would only admit LesFANmily members. For details please keep an eye for announcements through channels like the club's facebook page, Weibo, text messages. LesFANmily will not only hold large scale "Gor" fan events but has already begun to plan projects like Gor Gor's performance costume restoration, photo exhibits, memorial hall preparation and other jobs and welcomed "Gor" fans with the abilities and interests to participate.

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