Monday, March 14, 2016


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Leon Lai kicks of the Hong Kong Entertainment Expo as the ambassador
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Leon Lai Ming yesterday as the event ambassador attended the 2016 Hong Kong Entertainment Expo launch ceremony and the 20th Hong Kong International Film and Television Market and the 40th Hong Kong International Film Festival celebration party with financial secretary John Tsang Chun Wa, Hong Kong Trade Development Council executive director Margaret Fong Shun Man, Hong Kong TDC Film, Television and Entertainment Industry Advisory Committee president Terry Lai, the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television Television Series secretary Li Jingsheng and others. The host asked Leon as a record company boss, singer and actor, what was Hong Kong film and television entertainment's greatest advantage? He said that Hong Kong has many elders who are making movies around the world. They have a lot of information and experience that they can share with the next generation of show business workers.

Has he paid attention to new development in entertainment? He said, "Actually every second of every minute everyone can stream, especially now with so many different internet world we can see what happens in Hong Kong everyday at any time. Hong Kong also know every minute what series it the most popular around the world. Everyone can completely interact, including many foreign television companies setting up television stations in Hong Kong for everyone to be able to watch overseas series through different channels." He felt that every corner of the world would have the chance to make show business even better. Hong Kong's advantage is a foundation. Everyone continues to properly take advantage of it, as long as they continue to do their best with heart and innovation then they are OK.

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