Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Wilfred Lau, Paco Wong, Andy Hui
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Andy Hui and Janice Man
The production team appears at the film NESSUN DORMA's world premiere
Wilfred Lau gives girlfriend Joey Yung foot rubs
Tarah Chan
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Film stars Janice Man Wing Shan, Andy Hui Chi On, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Wilfred Lau Ho Lung two nights ago attended their film NESSUN DORMA (HUNG SAU WAN MEI SHUI)'s world premiere.

JM and On Jai extended their spark from the spark to their interview. When asked if JM's boyfriend would watch the film, JM who had a nude performance in the film said that he would. However she did not know whether he would arrive in time for the premiere. On Jai joked, "Would someone's face be all burnt when he comes out?" JM said that her boyfriend had an open mind, On Jai continued. "Maybe he would be the one who laughs very hard!"

Speaking of the film's category III rating, JM said that it was regrettable. She even said that her nude performance might not be the main reason. "It was conceptually daring but it wasn't category III." On Jai said that the film's category III rating represented the director's authenticity remained in the film. "So I feel comfortable because I was right to trust the director."

Lau Ho Lung guest starred. Speaking of his girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi suffering a sprain during her dance rehearsal for a Mainland program. Would he rub her feet? He said that he helped out. "She is so persistent that even I learned something." Lau Ho Lung revealed that he would work out hard for his new record release. "I still have 20 days, I still have 6 pounds to lose."

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