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Max Zhang jokes that Janice Man looks like she is going to a wedding
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Janice Man stresses out about the underwater scene due to her childhood trauma
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The Janice Man Wing Shan, Max Zhang Jin, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and others starred, Paco Wong and Soi Cheang Po Shui produced film THE BRINK (KONG SAU) yesterday held a press conference. Shawn Yue Man Lok who will play a robber in the film was unable to appear but sent a video to show his support. Paco revealed that THE BRINK will cost 100 million RMB and start production in April. The film will shoot on location in many places like Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Mainland. The film will have a Number 8 Storm Signal robbery and an underwater fight scene, which scared Janice Man due to her fear of water. She even revealed that she had the nickname was "Man Pa Shui" (Man Afraid of Water, mosquito repellent homophone).

JM revealed, "I drowned when I was little and felt like I almost died, since then I had a phobia. I would be scared even in a swimming pool. I tried to learn to swim but was never able to. It's very stressful. I hope this scene can be done with special effects." JM said that this time the director played a big prank on her, luckily she will not have to fight. Earlier in another film she performed in the buff, was she more afraid of that than going into the water? She said without any hesitation. "I am more afraid of scenes in the water, this is not the usual phobia."

Ka Tung in order to handle this underwater scene will train more and buy more insurance. Zhang Jin agreed that working in the water was more difficult. Although he knew how to dive, he was not professional enough so he will need some training. Will he get more insurance like Ka Tung? He said, "I need to for every movie, every movie is dangerous for me. (Would your wife be very worried?) She liked to dive too. She does a lot better than me, but I will perform the stunts. This time aside from fighting I will also have scenes in the air."

Paco said that he wanted to make Zhang Jin into a lead actor. Because earlier when he worked on SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG 2) they have already had good performance, at the time they started talking about this film's script; next week he will attend Nicky Wu (Ng Kei Lung)'s wedding. He was very happy for the new couple, but since they have a lot already the gift was giving him a headache.

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