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Miriam Yeung jokes that even if Francis Ng becomes vegetarian for life he will not be able to settle the Mainland online grievances

Cherry Ngan looks forward to her bicycle movie in Taiwan in September
Miriam Yeung is responsible to get toys for Angela Wang
The Grasshoppers hope to run into a good script
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Francis Ng, Miriam Yeung
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Mei Ah Entertainment yesterday held a Hong Kong Film and Television Market press conference and announced its 2016 film projects. Aside from the Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Francis Ng Chun Yu and child star Angela Wang Shiling starred GIRL OF THE BIG HOUSE (BO BUI DONG GA), it will also make ON FALLEN WINGS (WU DIP GUNG MO), SING JEUNG (GROWING UP), WAN DOH YUT GEI (ISLAND DIARY), BRA BRA HUI NA YI (BRA BRA WHERE ARE YOU GOING) and GWAI FA PIU HEUNG (OSMANTHUS FLOATING HOME).

Would Chun Yu want to try for a daughter? Chun Yu said that it will depend on fate. Girls would need to be spoiled. He did not know how to spoil anyone and would need to learn. Chun Yu earlier posted a photo with a medical mask on in a restaurant and said that living in Hong Kong was freer. Mainlanders told him not to go to the Mainland; Chun Yu helplessly said, "I get yelled at no matter what I post, they have a misunderstanding of me. I want to have a little fun with them, I can't control if they want to yell at me. I gladly accept it. If I swat on the streets they would tell me to go to the hospital anyway." He joked that it might be a fengshui problem and he had to make a living tomb. Chin Wa laughed like crazy and said that Chun Yu would never settle it even if he became vegetarian for life.

Chin Wa recently kept working with children. She said that she has played young girl to middle aged woman, then to headmaster and parent. She hoped film would need Yeung Chin Wa at different stages. Chin Wa revealed that director Pang Ho Cheung planned to make LOVE IN A PUFF 3 (JI MING YU CHUN GIU 3) and is writing the script. She told the director to write faster and not to start production too late. She was afraid that she might not be able to perform because Cherie would get old. She hoped that it will start production this year. SUMMER SNOW (NUI YUN SEI SUP) was not longer right for her, if they kept waiting she would have to make A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH).

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