Sunday, March 13, 2016


Bob Lam screams as pedestrians make way for him
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Bob Lam Sing Bun starred in the new film NGOR YIU FAT DAT (I WANT TO BE RICH) started production two days ago and shot a video. Bob was dressed an uncle and screamed on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui "I want to be rich" and urged people to join in. Fans who had no idea were stunned! The 15 minute video went viral online. Bob said, "That take took eight or ten times before director Yip Lim Sum (Patrick Kong) accepted it. I am inevitably nervous about the first time as the lead actor. I give myself pressure. When I took my place luckily Director Yip taught me how to get into character. Finally it was successfully finished."

Bob in the film played an ordinary person full of family pressure. Yet after winning the lottery a series of story took place. "Director Yip told me to watch old films like CHICKEN AND DUCK TALK (GAI TUNG NGAP GONG) for homework. In the film (Rose) Chan Ka Wun found out that I won the lottery and immediately came to seduce me. We shot that as soon as work started! (How lucky are you?) She is very professional, everyone is just creating comedic effect! (Did you get a raise?) I get to the lead actor! It's not about the money!"

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