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Babyjohn Choi and Min-Chen Lin are the wires with the vampire king
Min-Chen Lin is tied up
Law Mong, Chin Siu Ho and Yuen Cheung Yan battle the vampire king together
Bondy Chiu takes a selfie
Min-Chen Lin and Babyjohn Choi will have a romance in the film
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Film star Chin Siu Ho, Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik, Bondy Chiu Hok Yi and Malaysian star Min-Chen Lin earlier worked on the Ha Yu produced film GAU GEUNG CHING DOH FU at the Kowloon City Plaza. They performed the important battle against the vampire king. Min-Chen and Babyjohn were hung to three stories high for the battle.

Otaku goddess Min-Chen said that her Hong Kong film production experience has been memorable. She was very happy to be under the care of some many elders. In the film she accepted many challenges like overcoming her fear of heights for wire work. "Last time I jumped once. I jumped from the second floor, and my legs were numb! This time I could only hypnotize myself, I don't want to keep other people from getting off work." Another challenge was an intimate scene with Babyjohn. It was more funny than romantic. Min-Chen said, "I had to eat the pig's blood near his lips. I don't eat pig's blood, but I was a vampire so I had to pretend it is delicious. It was rather hard to take, but I didn't feel embarrassed." Speaking of her earlier injury from a scooter scene, she said that she was almost recovered. "At the time I couldn't move. I had to be in a wheel chair for two weeks. I was very worried, but now I am already better."

Babyjohn played a street sweeper who fought vampires and had a series of action scenes. Luckily Siu Ho taught him kung fu. Speaking of his romance with Min-Chen, he joked, "Her electricity is publicly recognized! I am scared! However lately we have been working night and day, I started to hallucinate. When I saw street sweepers I would suspect whether they were vampire fighters."

Ha Yu said that being a producer was ten times harder than being an actor. Speaking of gold label producers Lau Ka Ho and Mui Siu Ching returning to TVB, Ha Yu wanted to work with them and reunite with his HEART OF GREED (TONG SUM FUNG BO) co-stars Lee Sze Kei, Suzanne Kwan Kuk Ying and Michelle Yim (Mai Suet).

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