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The April 15 nationwide release GO LALA GO's director Xu Jinglei two days ago led its cast including Stanley Huang (Wong Lap Hung), Karen Mok Man Wai, Pace Wu (Ng Pui Chi) and Li Ai to promote in Shanghai. Xu Jinglei and Wong Lap Hung's passion scene again became the media focus and has been accused of being used for film speculation to elevate its box office. Xu Jinglei expressed that she did not know how the footage and stills leaked out, and relying on passion scenes and gossip speculation have not brought good box office. She also said, "Almost every film during promotion would bring out the passion scene as a topic, can it make box office performance better?"

As for rumors with Wong Lap Hung, she said, "I am not saying anything anymore because whatever I said would transform. For example I was asked, 'Why did you cast Wong Lap Hung?' I said, 'One night when I was watching tonight, I suddenly thought of it.' The resulting version said that I thought of him when I slept. Another version said that I thought of him when I was bathing. That's why I cannot say anything anymore." She also honestly said that her current love life has been good.

In addition, Xu Jinglei earlier talked about female stars who started with her were either married or had children. She seemed to be in pursuit of neither. She asked who said that a woman has to get married and have children? However she would not try to stop it if marriage would happen, but she would not deliberately go after it. Maybe one day she realized that she liked someone so much but had no way to express her love for him, then she might get married. Yet if love's goal is marriage, then it is not love but an exercise of rights with this person in mind. This is called a contract, which is anti-love.

She also did not want to marry rich because she liked genius. She liked the ones with creativity, which could easily make her fall. She said, "I never like any business person. Although I have a lot of good friends in business, if my boyfriend is in business, I am unable to accept it too much." If society now if women remained unwed by 30 they became "left over women". She was already 36 and was used to being called that long ago; however she thought she was quite a hot property. She felt that age was not a problem, but hinted parental aging. The sense of crisis
came from the circle of life.

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