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Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)

Huang Xiaoming
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IP MAN 2 two nights ago held a premiere in Beijing. The leads Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Huang Xiaoming, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) attended. The film's Mainland investors at the premiere announced a donation of 500,000 to the Qinghai disaster area for the purchase of supplies and tents for the victims. At the start of the premiere, the director, the cast and the audience participated in a moment of silence for the Yushu victims.

The event also invited people who have been to the disaster area for a status update. When someone mentioned a brother using his bare hands to dig out his sister's remains, Lynn and Yen Chi Tan's wife Cecilia Wang both broke down in tears. Cecilia Wang pointed out that she had two children of her own. This earthquake reminded her of the earlier Sichuan earthquake and she thought of the poor children. At the end of the premiere, the event invited Yushu singer Yangjin Lanze along with the IP MAN 2 cast sang FILL THE WORLD WITH LOVE (YEUNG SAI GAI CHUNG MOON OI) as they light a lantern of hope and prayed for the people of the Yushu disaster area. Lynn cried as she sang with the IP MAN 2 cast to cheer on the victims. She expressed that everyone were family and should support each other. She saw many mothers who not only took care of their own children but also children of some lost family members. Big Brother Hung Kam Bo pointed out that this earthquake shook three lands on both sides of the strait. Hong Kong also cared very much about everyone. He believed that with spirit and belief, everyone definitely will be able to rebuild an even better home.

Huang Xiaoming felt that everyone should be face life and live properly with even more strength and should never give up. He pointed out that everyone were Chinese so everyone should go on together. Chi Tan also said, "The people of Yushu and we are a family, we will always support you." On the night before the premiere, Lynn learned at the last minute about the color requirement for the premiere in memory of the victims. However she only brought one dress to Beijing, so before the premiere she rushed out to look for suitable clothing and was only able to find a light green dress. However due to its length she was very careful with every step. In addition, Huang Xiamoing at the event also sang and performed with a wooden man.

Huang Xiaoming rushed to the Feng Xiaogang directed Beijing Green Low Carbon Spring environmental protection concert before the premiere ended. He not only performed his hit MOOPA but also donated 200,000 RMB for Yushu area post disaster ecology and environmental project. Due to the Yushu area being the center of three river sources, its unique ecological function was very important to China and Asia.

Lately he has been busy with THE ORPHAN OF ZHAO and FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 and also took time to promote IP MAN 2. When he had time he also had to pay off his "advertising debts". Workers nicknamed him "Superman" but even "Superman" succumbed. Two nights ago he revealed on his microblog that early in the morning he in a "ninja" disguise went to the hospital for a I-V treatment, then at 6AM he began to work on an ad shoot. In the afternoon he attended the IP MAN 2 premiere press conference then went to perform at the environmental protection concert. At midnight he returned to the ad shoot until 3AM, then back to the hospital for more I-V treatment and returned to the ad shoot. Someone joked online, "Someone should directly knock him out then take him home to rest."

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