Sunday, April 18, 2010


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The 2008 Miss Chinese International Oceana Zhu Xuan's first film PRINCE OF TEARS only earned her a Best New Artist nomination. She was rather confident in her acting but picked elder Fala Chen to win. "Mine is a Mandarin film, in comparison it doesn't have the edge. I already saw all the competition's films and particularly picked Fala. I thought her acting was very stable as she was in complete control of the character. I hoped Yonfan will win the director prize." Zhu Xuan also said that she did not worry too much about it so she has not been too nervous. "Earlier I went to participate in the Venice Film Festival. Although I didn't win, it was already a great experience."

Zhu Xuan will wear a Chinese dress. She said that her figure was not full enough. "I am not sexy enough, but I hope to have my own specialty so other directors would have a better impression of me."

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