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The film WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN earlier held a press conference in Beijing for its trailer. Director Li Weiran led leads Sun Honglei, Lin Chiling, Gan Wei, Cao Bingkun, and others appeared to officially promote the film's June release. The film aimed to be the summer's top comedy hit. As the bold statement of "a new beginning for Chinese film" last time, Sun Honglei expressed that although the film has not yet been released, this goal was the director and the entire creative team's creative attitude -- WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN swears to bring Chinese film back to its age of innocence.

Earlier Sung Honglei and his family reportedly became WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN's first viewers and stated "if I have to describe the film quality with one comment, it is another new beginning for Chinese film". He explained, in recent years China's comedy has been in an awkward state of you cloning me and me cloning you. Creatively it lacks energy. Although SHAMA TOWN has not been released yet, the director and its creative team all adhered to this creative attitude, 'Bring Chinese film back to the age of innocence.' After watching WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN, I am very confident that the audience will like this film too. In addition it will bring a new energy to Chinese film." Sun Honglei said.

Lin Chiling looked very different from her look in the film. When asked who was the top beauty in SHAMA TOWN, director Li Weiran said, "Real and healthy are the beauties that are the most important to me." The leads laughed, "The director has to face his conscience!" The director and Sun Honglei both expressed that they became friends due to the film. After completing it they often met for dinner and mahjong. When the media concentrated all the questions on the leads, Sun Honglei led all the questions back to the director. The film company has confirmed the film's release date to be the end of June. Sun Honglei will then attend a 12 stop national promotional tour, which will break Zhang Ziyi's 9 stop SOPHIE'S REVENGE national tour.

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