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Michael Ma Tin Yu

The post funeral cleansing banquet took place at Tina Ti (Dik Na)'s favorite restaurant with her own VIP room with an office desk and a dinner table. In life she brought her own utensils and her administrative assistant disinfected them every time.

Tina Ti asked for MY WAY to be played at the ceremony

Law Bo Man

Sharon Kwok Sau Wan
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Michael Ma with his girlfriend behind him
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Michael Ma kept his distance from the press

The hearse arrived without a family name on its banner

Stephen Chan Chi Wan, Amigo Chui Kin Bong

Tina Ti's personal assistant Ms. Ng

Valerie Chow Ka Ling

Christine Samson, Sharon Kwok

former Choreographer Richard S.

Law Bo Man
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"Today I not only bid forever farewell to my dearest mother but also lost my best friend. She gave me life and a heart, her blood will forever run within me. Time can never ease my love and memory of Mama. My only comfort is she not only have to trouble herself of this child of her, most importantly she no longer have to suffer spiritually and physically from the trouble and torment of disease." This was the final words that Michael Ma Tin Yu, son of the generation's "Unconventional Woman" Tina Ti (originally named Leung Kok Hing), as he bid his mother farewell. Dik Na on March 31 passed away at the age of 65. Ma Tin Yu followed his mother's wish and yesterday held a simple funeral to send her on her final journey with his mother's friends.

Dik Na wished her funeral to be low key. Yesterday the funeral arrangement was very strict. At 8:30AM, 50 media members already gathered outside the memorial hall. 10 security guards and police officers were present to maintain order. Ma Tin Yu arrived at 9:30. Half a hour later a hearse departed for the Cape Collinson Crematorium.

At 10:30, Dik Na's family and friends arrived at the Crematorium. Chan Wing Hong who earlier delivered the news of Dik Na's passing to the media held Buddhist beads in his hands while chanting. At 10:30, workers carried Dik Na's coffin. In sunglasses and a black suit, Ma Tin Yu carried Dik Na's photo and left the vehicle. The photo was from Dik Na's youth. Ma Tin Yu then entered the ceremony hall with his girlfriend. In there Ma Tin Yu's pink heart shaped floral arrangement for his mother was on display, with the message "My Dearest Mother and My Very Best Friend". After the ceremony, the doors closed securely. Outside security guards stood watch. 15 minutes later, the ceremony was complete and family and friends began to depart. Dik Na's administrative assistant delivered lai see to the guests.

After the guests left, Ma Tin Yu and his girlfriend remained in the hall and left around 11:40 for the cleansing banquet. Dik Na's administrative assistant Ms. Ng expressed that the funeral and the ceremony were very simple and without any religious ceremony. Did Ma Tin Yu cry when he pressed the button? She said, "Any normal person would." Tin Yu and his mother selected the photo. When was it chosen? She said, "One look and you know it was a long time ago!" Then Dik Na's friend Ms. Lam during the cleansing banquet delivered a statement that Ma Tin Yu personally wrote to the media. It mainly talked about his experience with Mommy. Ms. Lam said that Tin Yu was OK now. She said that when Tin Yu pressed the button he cried. For now he will remain in Hong Kong to take care of Mommy's affairs, but the location for the ashes has not been decided. For now it will be placed at home. As for the funeral ceremony, Ms. Lam expressed that it was nothing special. A group of friends gathered for a moment of silence. The venue played music. It was very simple because Dik Na's wish was simple.

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