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The End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation last year produced a high school sex education course that was designed for form 4 and 5. In order to provide high school students with correct sexual knowledge, the fund invited famous Hollywood animation director Raman Hui Sing Ngai to be its consultant. The all new course will be based on real cases in the animation. The course has not been officially release and already it won the 2009 Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology award Student and Independent division's Best digital entertainment award. Foundation president Josephine Siao Fong Fong and chair Pu Kam Man had endless appreciation for the team who worked on the production.

Participating in Hollywood animation hits like SHREK and KUNG FU PANDA, Hui Sing Ngai went all out for the Foundation. "In the past I participated in charity work, so when Sister Fong Fong first contacted me, I really wanted to be able to do something for the Foundation. This animation is different from my other projects. It not only has to be entertaining but also has to bring out the correct message to inspire young people's thinking. In addition, working with Hong Kong Design Institute students was a memorable experience. All the out of classroom hours the students and instructors spent to very patiently produce this animation is very touching to me."

Personally invited Hui Sing Ngai to make the animation, Siao Fong Fong had endless praise for him. "Rama not only worked seriously but the rarest was he had childlike innocence and love within his art genes. Hong Kong students were lucky to have his participation and his power in the Foundation's high school sexual education course, we are lucky as well! I really can't thank him enough, with him as our 'lucky star' we can never thank him enough! I thank his brother and the Seed Land company's two chiefs for introducing us to Raman."

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