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Teddy Chan Tak Sum, Peter Chan Ho Sum, Andrew Lau Wai Keung
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The Peter Chan Ho Sun produced BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING) won 8 awards two nights ago and held a joint celebration with ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW. He honestly was very happy that it was the big winner. Will he and Kwan Yu get married to celebrate? He said, "You say that every year, if I wed once for every victory, then we would have been married many times! So we are not getting married."

Speaking of Kwan Yu's defeat, how would he cheer her up? He honestly said that he did not have any trick up his sleeves. Teddy Chan Tak Sum won Best Director with BODYGUARDS but actually Lau Wai Keung also directed, only Chan Tak Sum's name was on the application. Chan Ho Sun said, "Yeah, it's regrettable that we didn't put it down. However this film represented the Hong Kong spirit." He said during the shoot a lot happened like natural disaster, director illness, but everyone united to complete it. Mainlanders were shocked at why Hong Kong people made no distinction, like Lau Wai Keung immediately rushing over to help after a call. In this materialistic age, very few big directors would have been willing to do so. Everyone under Chan Tak Sum's leadership divided up into many production units because they did not want to fail in front of others. Then Chan Tak Sum did not truly deserve the award? Chan Ho Sun said, "No, that was the direction. He is very naive and persistent. I don't have that naivety, I don't have his ten year long persistence. The film already died prematurely, why would it come back to live?" He also pointed out that this film in the end was completed under Chan Tak Sum's direction.

Chan Tak Sum gave special thanks to a friend who invested in BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS years ago. Although his passing stalled the film production, but he would always remember him in his lifetime. As for Chan Ho Sun calling him naive, he joked that he too felt Spielberg was very naive, without this emotion how could he make so many lovable movies? Without naivety he might have already retired and become a reporter. As for his depression, he pointed out that many city people would have it as it is like the cold or the flu. In addition, Celestial Pictures announced that it will work with Chan Tak Sum on a movie.

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