Thursday, April 8, 2010


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The 17th Annual Beijing University student film festival two days ago opened with IP MAN 2 as its opening film. The film will not open in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan until April 29, thus two nights ago viewers not only could not bring their phones or recording equipment but also their handheld bags to prevent piracy. In the film Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Sammo Hung Kam Bo's fight scene received audience applause. Last year winning Best Actor with IP MAN, Yen Chi Tan honestly said that he would like a repeat.

IP MAN 2 director Wilson Yip Wai Shun, producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming, screen writer Edmond Wong Chi Hung, and actors Yen Chi Tan and Shi Xiaolong two days ago received the audience cheer as soon as they arrived. This was their second participation in the university student film festival. Last year director Yip Wai Shun already won "The University student most popular director award" with IP MAN and Yen Chi Tan won Best Actor. This year IP MAN 2 was the film festival's opening film. Yip Wai Shun pointed out that last time IP MAN received the highest honor, he looked forward to the second installment to receive audience recognition. Yen Chi tan pointed out that he performed this time better than the last and put in a lot of effort. Before the shoot he watched many Cantonese films to pick up the speech and behavior patterns of the people in the 60s. He pointed out that if everyone was introduced to Ip Man in the first film, the second gave everyone a real understanding of Ip Man's life philosophy and peaceful personality. he would like to able to win Best Actor again. IP MAN 2 continued from the previous film as Ip Man brought his wife and son from Foshan to Hong Kong, opened a martial art school to make a living but received challenges from everywhere.

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