Saturday, April 17, 2010


Candy Yu On On, Dior Cheng Yi Kin
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Ekin (third right), Candy Yu (third left), Pong Nan Yik Bong (right), Wilfred Lau Ho Lung (second left) and 24 Herbs
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Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Candy Yu On On, 24 Herbs, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and Pong Nan Yik Bong yesterday attended a RoadShow interview. Promoting their film ONCE A GANGSTER (FEI SA FUNG JUNG SHUEN), Cheng Yi Kin and Yu On On in the film played mother and son. On On joked that at first she felt very old. Ekin said, "At first she too thought it was a mistake and asked me to dress a little younger." On On pointed out that she originally did not know Ekin and was worried that she would not be used to him, because as soon as they began work together they had heated scenes with arguments and embraces.

Ekin expressed during the film's promotion he was confused at times because he was under the four major record companies. This time he was promoting the film and he himself was also a TVB contract actor, yet he could not promote at TVB. Ekin honestly said that he asked TVB but he was not approved. He said that the record company was not giving him any trouble and now the matter was still under negotiation. However he was afraid that it would affect the promotion. Did Ekin think TVB turned him down? He said, "Kind of, but why! I have an artist contract. (You aren't "biological offspring" (TVB managed)? ) I signed with TVB, but (Jordan) Chan Siu Chun had no contract and was able to appear (on TVB). That was curious. I want to make certain as well. I am a singer, but I am an actor too. I think they forgot about my contract." He said that the contract was not paid off yet as he would be paid only when he acted.

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