Tuesday, April 20, 2010


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Huang Xiaoming in IP MAN 2 played Ip Man's senior disciple Wong Leung. In the film he had many fight scenes, in one of which he and Donnie Yen Chi Tan teamed up to fend over 100 people. The scene was very memorable to him personally. An endless flood of opponents time and after surrounded the master and the disciple, who went from bare fists and knives to fend off 100 attackers. Finally with their chemistry they were able to resolve the danger.

Huang Xiaoming has enjoyed wuxia novels since childhood and making action films was also his dream. Yet in front of masters like Yen Chi Tan and Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Huang Xiaoming expressed that the pressure was enormous. Thus a month before the shoot Huang Xiaoming already began to study Wing Chun with a master. Everyday he trained with the wooden man. No wonder Yen Chi Tan earlier in an interview expressed that Huang Xiaoming did not have any martial art background, but his professionalism was very admirable. In a fight scene between Huang Xiaoming and Yen Chi Tan, Huang Xiaoming could not meet action director Hung Kam Bo's demands. They kept fighting time and again. Even though Huang Xiaoming's arms were already red and swollen and his face pale, he did not asked for a break. Thus he won Yen Chi Tan's admiration, which also pleased Huang Xiaoming.

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