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Wang Xueqi's performance in the film BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS outshone all the superstars and earned a Best Actor nomination in return. About his competition's substance, his response was just like his acting -- solid and steady.

Having already won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society and Asian Film Award Best Actress with BODYGUARDS, Wang Xueqi remained very humble. He said, "The competition is very excellent. Although I haven't seen their movies, I have seen their previous work. Yam Tat Wa is very powerful, very hard working and very professional. ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW in Hong Kong is on fire, if Yam Tat Wa wins with this film it is very normal. (Yet Yam has had numerous nominations and never won?) I understand this emotion, I too was nominated three years for the Golden Rooster Award. I too has been disappointed. Awards are under the influence of many factors, but no matter who among us wins it is worth being happy about. Competition about actors will mutually raise the water and the ships."

Speaking of him winning all of Hong Kong audience's admiration, he said, "I haven't personally heard it. I only heard (Peter) Chan Ho Sun said that BODYGUARDS' reaction was great. I felt that I was very strange to the Hong Kong audience. BODYGUARDS was the result of team work. Actually we made a lot, but cut even more. Fan Bingbing had a very delicate scene but it was cut, which was very regrettable."

Best Actor Fierce Fight Yam Tat Wa Gangs Up With A Two Prong Attack

This year's Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor competition has been rather fierce. Experienced Mainland actor Wang Xueqi's excellent acting in BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS challenged the ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW and NIGHT AND FOG doubly nominated Yam Tat Wa, along with great local actor OVERHEARD (SIT TING FUNG WON)'s Lau Ching Wan and MURDERER's Aaron Kwok Fu Sing.

Wang Xueqi in BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS played businessman Li Yutong who was stuck between the love of his country and the love of his son. His convincing acting shocked everyone and took the lead with both Asian Film Award Best Actor and Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Actor, making him the favorite to win the Hong Kong Film Award.

However, Wa Jai performed decently in both nominated films; in particular in NIGHT AND FOG he thoroughly performed the root based middle age man on the road of murdering his wife. In ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW he worked hard for his family, his silent shoe making father role even succeeded at the Berlin Film Festival and led to an overwhelming response in Hong Kong. He could be the dark horse choice at any minute. Although both Lau Ching Wan and Kwok Fu Sing have been recognized for their acting long ago, if they wanted to win this year they first have to ask their two strong opponents.

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