Saturday, April 17, 2010


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The Edison Chen Koon Hei operated fashion store Juice Taipei flagship store opened yesterday. Aside from his father, Edison's company artist Fama, friends Hilary Tsui Ho Ying and Sam Lee Chan Sam came to support him. This was Juice's third overseas store.

Earlier Edison revealed that he will release a record, which he honestly said he has begun preparation on. After finish his job in Taiwan he will begin recording. He also revealed that Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) wrote a song for him and it will be in his new record. He also said that they were good friends. When he went to work on a movie in the U.S. he looked him up and have been very supportive. Will he truly come back? He thought and said, "This is my intention because my business partner wants me to be able to return to work in Hong Kong and handle the company business. My comeback is business first, I will work on CLOT and CMD's business. CMD will not only sign artists and release records but later will also invest in movies. However my personal show business career will be slow, I will think about that once the company business is done." Edison expressed that he has always been offered film screenplays but he would like to work on only the ones that were suitable and he liked. As for his record he had a lot of personal ideas that he wanted to express in songs. He also wanted through his personal experience to put what he wanted to say in songs so young people would know that when someone runs into problems and difficulties, as long as he or she bravely faces them he or she can stand up again. His earlier U.S. film ALMOST PERFECT will be released in the middle of the year.

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