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The always charming and super fit Lin Chiling recently worked on the film THE BATTLE IN SHA MA TOWN and changed from her past sexy image into an very rustic country lady. Yesterday the film company issued stills from the film. Chiling looked out of shape had greasy hair that was full of chicken feather, as soon as she smiled she showed her yellow stained teeth. Her costume looked like Gong Li in THE STORY OF QIU JU.

In the film Lin Chiling had to be fluent in the dialect and also had to be as bold as men with her rice wine drinking and drinking games. In one scene, Lin Chiling leaned against the door and made passes at Sun Honglei. Chiling this time played a unreasonable boss lady who had to be physical with Sun Honglei in every scene. During the shoot Lin Chiling was so violent with Sun Honglei that later as soon as Sun Honglei saw Lin Chiling raising her hand, he would cover his head in self defense.

Before the shoot, Sun Honglei expressed that he would not work with "flower vase". At the production start press conference, Sun Honglei was asked about this and felt very awkward, but Lin Chiling helped him with the answer. During the shoot, Lin Chiling often asked Sun Honglei for repeated rehearsals as they continuously tried out their opinions and performance methods. As for Lin Chiling's acting, Sun Honglei pointed out that "he was terrified". A scene that was 11 minutes and required making a scene and romance, Chiling was able to complete in one take. He pointed out that Ling Chiling could become a stage actor.

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