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The show business world next Monday will perform a fund raising show for the Yushu, Qinghai earthquake victims. Two nights ago nearly 200 artists and singers gathered at Radio Hong Kong to record its theme song HAND TO HEART (SAU NIN SUM). Alan Tam who attended a fund raising event in Qinghai returned to Hong Kong and immediately contacted people to arrange for singer recording. He honestly said that he did not mind being the runner but he might not visit the disaster area because he was afraid that he would get in the way.

Two nights ago nearly 200 singers attended, aside from Alan the other four members of Wynners also attended. Other singers included Eason Chan Yik Shun, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Denise Ho Wan Si, Hacken Lee Hak Kun, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, and Joey Yung Cho Yi. Alan expressed that only upon arrival did he learned that he was responsible for internal organization to arrange singer recording orders. He said that last year when singers recorded a song for the Sichuan earthquake, some had to wait until very late. This time out of fairness they drew straw to decide. Alan and the Wynners will be the contacts and runners. He said, "This time everyone is united in this." He also pointed out that the Poon Yuen Leung written lyrics were very touching and spot on.

Alan earlier went to Qinghai to attend a fund raising event. He expressed that he did not go to the disaster area and only went to more interior place in Xining. However he saw all the traffic lights were lit green for the convenience of military's endless resource transports. Did he visit the disaster area? He joked, "If I go I can really help! The more I help the worse it gets. I don't want to hinder the rescue work." However, Alan honestly said that since returning from Qinghai he has been ailing. He did not know whether it was altitude sickness, but he joked, "Now I am a little dizzy. Today when I walk I walk a little backward." He also said that he had to take multiple transfers before being able to return to Hong Kong.

Eason arrived after 10PM and explained that he had to work on an ad campaign. Although he looked tired he immediately rushed over after work. He honestly said that he was really tired and felt a little "wilted". Did he want to visit the disaster area? He expressed that he had the chance he would, but his jobs have already been schedule so he believed that he would not have time. The event did not contact him to go perhaps because it knew that his schedule was full. Eason honestly said that he has not made a donation yet. He said that even if he did he would not say it as he felt this was something he had to do personally. He honestly said that lately he did not want to read the newspaper because he was heartbroken from reading it. However he felt that each visit would be advantageous. At first he felt that as a public figure he might only trouble others if he went. However because he was a public figure he could bring more attention. He earlier already visited with World Vision and he was the one who benefited.

In addition, Sammi Cheng Sau Man despite her asthma insisted on visiting Qinghai, as a good friend Ah Si knew. She expressed that earlier she visited Sichuan and knew that this type of visit must be done in a group. Thus when artists arrived in the disaster area actually they could not do anything practical, reporting the local condition back to Hong Kong was the most important. Ah Si worried that Qinghai's air pressure would be dangerous to Sammi, but Sammi was a grown person so she should already make proper preparations and safety would come first. She also understood why Sammi was so insistent on going and as a friend she would remind her to be careful.

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