Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) in IP MAN 2 played a pregnant woman. Under 30 degree Celsius high temperature she was completely covered and had to wear a fake belly. Under severe dehydration, Lynn once showed heat stroke symptoms as she often felt dizzy. The fake belly already made Lynn complaining endlessly but did not damage her plan to have a child. "I want to, but I have no plan to wed yet. It is in fate's hand!"

In the film Lynn and husband Ip Man came to live in Hong Kong with their son Ip Chun. With a child she was working for a living, as she brought her son with her to carry water. On the set, Lynn had no difficulty with working with the child. Before places they were already getting along. "In getting along with the children establishing mutual trust is the most important. He will obediently listen. Since this year the second installation, everyone have a cooperation experience so the child is naturally more obedient." Lynn honestly said that she liked children and even thought about having children. She has been rather patient with children, but as for when, Lynn felt it was to early to tell now.

After working on IP MAN, Lynn felt that she continued to have new opportunities and new developments. In comparison to other artists she indeed has been luckier. "The first film already had good box office and good reaction, which to me is luck. I shouldn't waste the chance. I have to proper keep working. So right now I have no plan to marry."

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