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Cheng Pei Pei just completed a New Zealand female director's first film and returned to Hong Kong. She immediately headed to the U.S. for director King Hu (Wu Kam Chuen)'s personal film festival. Before making the new film, she actually had major problem with her body. Fortunately now she is fine.

Sister Pei Pei said, "Last year I worked on many movies in the Mainland and was unusually busy. A friend recommended me to see a Chinese medicine practitioner at a Shanghai hospital to treat my body. After three weeks and five days my entire body turned yellow. At a neighbor's advice I went to see a brother in law doctor for a hospital check up and learned that my GOT was 12 times greater than the ordinary person's. Because my liver couldn't resolve toxin I could not be treated with medicine. I could only rest more at home and drink more water for the toxin to naturally leave my body." The doctor even told her if she kept working abroad her liver function would deteriorate and she might need a liver transparent. Sister Pei Pei finally stayed at home and rest. "My first time with Chinese medicine I damaged my liver. Luckily I have been a vegetarian for 20 years and exercised normally. Thus after resting at home for over a month my GOT returned to normal and I wasn't yellow anymore."

After years in the business with countless wuxia films, the director who worked the most with Sister Pei Pei was big director Wu Kam Chuen. She expressed, "Wu Kam Chuen was the first Chinese director to win an award in Cannes. In 75 he was one of the world' top five directors." She continued that at the end of the month she will attend his personal film festival in the U.S. She also took part in the planning and agreed to be the guest at the COME DRINK WITH ME (DAI JUI HUP) screening. As the film's lead actress it would be quite meaningful.

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