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Donnie Yen Chi Tan two nights ago attended IP MAN 2 press conference in Taiwan and spoke with fellow parent of two, host Tao Ching Ying about his wife and family. He said, "Women are for spoiling and taking care of. Because she is my lifelong companion, of course I have to whole heartedly be good to her."

Yen Chi Tan even graciously revealed that as long as his wife needed she would go to the drug store and buy feminine products for her. "Although I felt very awkward at the drug store, but I still have to do it!" Tao not only praised, "You are truly a good man!" but also had an inspiration, "The drug company can consider hiring Ip Man to be the feminine product spokesmodel and turn him into 'Yuet Man' (monthly question)." Yen Chi Tan revealed that in order to get more into the character, the screen writer added some of his life and interesting stories in IP MAN 2. "For example after work I would want to go home, and my humor, so the audience can see my private side." Thus before his fight with Sammo Hung Kam Bo he said, "Is the victory or having dinner with his family more important?"

At yesterday's press conference, the organizer arranged for a 2 year old fan to present flowers. The fan saw her idol and became shy. He said that his 2 year old son was the opposite. "He has never seen my work and I never taught him kung fu, but he came up with his own style and looked the part. I believe some thing can truly be inherited." As for his daughter, he said, "With I have a chance I would hold her more, when she grows up only her boyfriend gets to hold her." Yen Chi Tan even made a hand print for a charity auction. In addition Wu Chun who has worked with 14 BLADES (GUM YI WAI) on Yen Chi Tan sent a fruit basket to his hotel to wish IP MAN 2 a victory over IRON MAN 2.

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