Sunday, April 25, 2010


Street food caught Xia Yu's eyes
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The Gao Qunshu directed, Mainland actor Xia Yu starred XI FENG LE has always been in closed production in Gansu, but lately the team came to shoot on location In Hong Kong. Yesterday Xia Yu even appeared in Stanley, dressed like "Brother Sharp" with a scar on his face he even held a gun and often gave flashes of murderous intent. Despite the onlookers, Xia Yu was unaffected and performed seriously under the team's assignments.

Due to the enormous production scene, the team after several negotiations decided to shoot with the entire building sealed. Security was very tight in the entire building. Xia Yu was holding a gun during the entire shoot and looking very determined. Soon after he entered the building gunshots were heard, presumably for a murder scene. Then, they went to Wanchai to shoot another scene. Xia Yu was even more cautious and professional than before. In the story he had to toss a bag out while driving fast, which he tried several times and finally was able to successfully complete. Looking exhausted, after a break he immediately went to another location.

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