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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Andy Lau Tak Wa
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The out of the fresh oven Best Supporting Actor Nicholas Tse Ting Fung recently has already returned to SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI) to continue its production. Because Ting Fung rushed back to work in Hengdian he did not have time to celebration. Director Benny Chan Muk Sing and the team held a special mini celebration on the set for Ting Fung and presented cakes with the words "Double Happiness" and "At the Door" to not only celebrate Ting Fung's Best Supporting Actor but also impending fatherhood for the second time. Ting Fung was the most excited about his idol Andy Lau Tak Wa cheering him on at the celebration and encouraging him to head toward the Best Actor award.

Ting Fung said that he has been close to Brother Wa for nearly four months. The shoot has been very pleasant and he looked forward to compete for different awards next year with SHAOLIN. Chan Muk Sing also thought that next year both Wa Jai and Ting Fung will be nominated for Best Actor with this film and become opponents in a positive competition.

At the celebration, Brother Wa was very attentive to Ting Fung. He not only cut the cakes for Ting Fung and shared it with the team, he also sprayed Ting Fung who was about to taste the cakes with champagne. He was totally off guard, immediately put down the cake and run behind the director. Originally when Ting Fung and Brother Wa held two bottles of champagne they said that they had to finish them at once, but director Chan Muk Sing immediately stopped them and said, "You have to wait until after the movie wraps to get drunk, then everyone can drink all they want! If you two are drunk now, who do I get to work on the next scene?"

Ting Fung had the cake for lunch. After taking a few sips of champagne with Brother Wa and the director he immediately rushed back to work. Even the team praised Ting Fung's diligence, but when everyone saw Ting Fung being dragged to the celebration before he even removed his injury make up, some joked that Ting Fung celebrating with wounds was truly a special look, he should win Best Make Up after winning Best Dressed!

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