Saturday, April 10, 2010


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Song Hye-Kyo yesterday arrived in Taiwan to promote her Korean series THE WORLD THEY LIVE IN. Because she has kiss and bed scenes with Won Bin, she was accused of letting go of her past standards and the series confirmed their love.

Yesterday about recent break up rumors, Song Hye-Kyo expressed that love indeed made people pretty. Speculations flew about the relationship being as it always has been. Last year she had intentions to marry but after making her first Chinese film THE GRAND MASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) she changed her mind. "I want to act more, explore even more potential and experience different lives." At the same time Won Bin will be working on LATE AUTUMN.

For THE GRAND MASTER, Song Hye-Kyo spoke all Chinese dialogue. Yesterday at the press conference she showed off a little. "How are you, I am Song Hye-Kyo. I am very glad to see everyone, please take care." She even said to her fans, "I like you very much." She was completely fluent. Her Chinese improved rapidly. "Acting for the first time in Chinese, I learn as I go. Actually it's not tough. Harder is how to naturally get into the emotions to deliver the lines!"

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