Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Xu Jinglei, Stanley Huang (Wong Lap Hung) and Karen Mok Man Wai
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The Xu Jinglei directed and starred film GO LALA GO (DU LALA'S PROMOTION) will open April 15. Yesterday she and co-stars Karen Mok Man Wai and Stanley Huang (Wong Lap Hung) attended the film's first promotion in Beijing. Mok Man Wai even said that the press conference was like a school reunion. It was like seeing friends who she has not seen for a long time. Since she has not made such a light film before, her relationships with co-stars were particularly good.

Not only the production atmosphere was very light, Mok Man Wai was the happiest that everyday she could wear pretty clothes and high heels at work. Her heels were ten centimeters to coordinate her high below career queen image. Everyday during the shoot the actresses had to worship her, which made her feel very mighty.

Reportedly Xu Jinglei originally wanted to play Mok Man Wai's character Rose, but because she liked Mok Man Wai's song very much and had the chance for Mok Man Wai to play her, she offered the role to Mok Man Wai. Mok Man Wai also said that she rather appreciated the role of Rose and thescript so she immediately agreed.

At the press conference Xu Jinglei and Mok Man Wai both praised Wong Lap Hung's humor, hard work, and as Asia's top hunk who had the love of the film's actresses. Xu Jinglei even revealed that because Wong Lap Hung was the only actor, he was called the benefit for the film's actresses. The media asked her about her intimate scenes with Wong Lap Hung, did she claim the benefit for her own? Xu Jinglei said, "It was a benefit for Wong Lap Hung to enjoy!" She also revealed because of LALA's good response, it had a chance for a sequel. She promised that if the box office broke 100 million she would give raises to Wong Lap Hung and Mok Man Wai. They could not be happier.

Because the film was about love in the workplace, the media asked Wong Lap Hung to described Mok Man Wai and Xu Jinglei with office tools. He said, "Xu Jinglei is the director, like glue she brings everyone together. Mok Man Wai is very attentive and also very talented, I feel she is like a pen." As for who she likes more and she is the sexiest, he only said, "If I ask this question in front of them I would be pretty stupid, right? I like whoever is sitting next to me."

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