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Wai Ying Hung, Fala Chen and Zhang Jingchu yesterday attended the Hong Kong Film Award press conference. They were all nominated this year. Best Actress nominee Siu Hung expressed that with the award coming up, she has begun the countdown and grown nervous. She said, "Just now at make up I thought I was very thin, so I had two buns." Was the stress too much? She said it probably was not. Just now when she posed with Fala she felt her waist and was very envious, since she herself tended to be thin, around 96 pounds. She said, "Maybe lately adrenaline has increased. I am afraid that I have heart disease and be so nervous that I couldn't carry the burden." Did she still have any pressure after winning the First Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress? She said, "If I didn't win before I wouldn't have excessive pressure. After the first year, the next nomination came 28 years later. Now that is embarrassing. Even the favorite would have a chance to lose." Siu Hung expressed that with Lau Kar Leung's kung fu and contribution he deserved the award. Was he in contact with Lau Kar Leung? She said, "We have very little contact, he wants peace and quiet. I haven't seen him in three years." She said that she was not certain about Kar Leung's health condition. She only asked him earlier but was uncertain. Reportedly Lau Kar Leung had marital problems? She said, "I am not sure, I am not nosy, health is the most important."

Best New Actor nominee Fala Chen honestly said that she was a little nervous, as she has not found what she would wear yet. "I know Sister Siu Hung already has something, I want to find an evening gown that displays my strengths." Fala expressed that she did not have time to watch her competition but picked Sister Siu Hung as the favorite. She said privately she and Zhu Xuan were good friends and also saw her as the Best New Actor favorite. "We are both TVB artists and started with Miss Chinese International pageant. I competed two years before her. I don't know if I have at more of a disadvantage?" Zhang Jingchu expressed that she was very happy to attend the press conference in Hong Kong. She picked Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Wai Ying Hung as the Best Actress favorites. She said that her own character was more passive, so the nomination was already great.

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